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Want Balance? Let’s Talk About Job Sharing

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By Shala Arshi,

October 1, 2020

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Women in Big Data hosted Meghan Dillon , VP of Product Development at Job Pairing, to speak on “Want to Achieve the Closest Thing to ‘Balance’? Let’s Talk about Job Sharing”.

Increasingly, more and more people are seeking a greater level of flexibility and a better work life balance in their jobs. In the quest for these coveted work benefits, many people are shunning traditional 9-to-5 roles in favor of part-time opportunities. Sometimes, employees may be disappointed to find that a part-time role doesn’t carry with it the same level of strategic responsibility or challenges as their full-time work, which can be frustrating in some instances. A possible solution, for both employers and employees, is to consider the option of a job share. This is typically where a full-time position is shared between employees who want to work reduced hours.

In our live online session on September 30, 2020, Meghan covered what the job share model is, different types of job shares, benefits, challenges, solution and more.

Job sharing is a work model in which two individuals (the job mates) with common and complementary skills share the responsibilities of a full-time job. The job sharing types include:

  • PURE: A Pure Job Share represents two people essentially doing the same job over different hours of the day or days of the week. They are interchangeable. For example, two software developers can share a full-time position, working on the same project/deliverables.
  • HYBRID: A Hybrid Job Share provides a model where the two job mates share some responsibilities and split others. For example, two leaders, one with technology background and another with strong business background can be paired to run a business together.
  • JOB SPLIT: A Job Split allows for full autonomy of the two job mates. In effect, it simply represents two part-time jobs. For example, two dental assistants may cover a full-time position at a dentist’s office, working completely independent of each other.

Job share work models support a work life balance desired by individuals who need to work at a reduced work hours while maintaining their careers. Examples include working moms/parents who need more personal time to raise their children, people who need to care for an ailing family member, or those who want to pursue a new venture on a part-time basis.

The Job Pairing platform (solution for job sharing) enables job mate seekers to create a profile describing their expertise, experiences, education, and preferences, and automatically find other job mate seekers with similar backgrounds to pair up and share a job. Employer uses the platform to post job sharing positions and find candidates.

For details please check out:

Recording session link.

Presentation link.

Contact Meghan at meghan@jobpairing.com

 About the Presenter

Meghan Dillon , VP of Product Development at Job Pairing and Manager, Application Managed Services at Rackspace.

Meghan is a product development professional with 20 years of experience creating, analyzing, designing, enhancing, and leading the implementation of technology solutions across mission-critical enterprise platforms for global companies. She is recognized for her ability to build collaborative relationships with stakeholders and teams across the multiple organizations in which she has been a part of including Rackspace, Oracle, ATG, ARINC, US Bank, and Trihealth. She is an analytical problem solver with quantifiable success in training, mentoring, and leading teams in achieving high customer satisfaction ratings for F500 companies. In May 2019 she competed her MBA from Capital University and also holds a BS in Computer Science from Ohio University. Lastly, she is a mom to Wyatt – 11, Ruby – 8, and Cecilia – 5, and a wife to Todd. In her spare time, she speaks at Women in Tech conferences and helps young kids learn to code.


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