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A Sit-down with Our Published Authors and WiBD leaders: Featuring Shruti Worlikar

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By WiBD Team,

September 23, 2021


WiBD recently spoke with Shruti Worlikar about her new book.

WiBD: Tell us a little more about your journey to publishing your recent book “Amazon Redshift Cookbook: Recipes for building modern data warehousing solutions”

Shruti: The “Amazon Redshift Cookbook” started with a simple idea, what if we can divide the complex data warehousing use cases into simple manageable tasks. The key theme for the book was to follow a cookbook model where each technical topic is broken down into multiple recipes. I was lucky to have the publishers “Packt Publishing” reach out with interest in this title. It took a lot of effort to decide what will go or not go in the book, and finally it took 1 year to get the book completed from inception to publishing. But at the end of the day this book wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my amazing co-authors Harshida Patel and Thiyagarajan Arumugam.

WiBD: Where does one begin to prepare for technical authorship? What resources did you use?

Shruti: Whether it is technical or non-technical authorship, it is very important to understand who your audience is. In my case, I needed to first decide what will be the tone of the book, and what is the technical depth required. For technical book it is very important to build concise material making it easier for readers to get the concept. More than the technology, having a strong command over grammar was important. As for resources, AWS has multiple writing courses, which helped me get better with my writing, and Grammarly was my best friend through the entire book writing process.

WiBD: Amazon Redshift Cookbook: What would you like our readers to know?

Shruti: Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, petabyte-scale AWS cloud data warehousing service. It enables you to build new data warehouse workloads on AWS and migrate on-premises traditional data warehousing platforms to Redshift.

This book on Amazon Redshift starts by focusing on Redshift architecture, showing you how to perform database administration tasks on Redshift. You’ll then learn how to optimize your data warehouse to quickly execute complex analytic queries against very large datasets. Because of the massive amount of data involved in data warehousing, designing your database for analytical processing lets you take full advantage of Redshift’s columnar architecture and managed services. As you advance, you’ll discover how to deploy fully automated and highly scalable extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes, which help minimize the operational efforts that you must invest in managing regular ETL pipelines and ensure the timely and accurate refreshing of your data warehouse. Finally, you’ll gain a clear understanding of Redshift use cases, data ingestion, data management, security, and scaling so that you can build a scalable data warehouse platform.

By the end of this Redshift book, you’ll be able to implement a Redshift-based data analytics solution and have understood the best practice solutions to commonly faced problems.

WiBD: So, what’s next for Shruti in her authorship journey?

Shruti: Writing a book takes a lot of effort, so I don’t plan to pursue another book immediately, but yes, I do have few ideas which I will like to pursue in near future. For now, I am focusing my efforts on mentoring others in AWS and outside who have started writing a book or want to in future.

WiBD: Any parting thoughts, quotes of inspiration for our audience?

Shruti: Whether you want to write a book, learn something new or try a new hobby, go for it. The fear that you have now is temporary, whether it works out or not, looking back you will gain something out the experience of giving it a try.


Shruti Worlikar is a Cloud Professional with technical breadth and depth in Data Lake and Analytics across cloud platforms. Her background has led her to become an expert in on-prem to cloud migrations and building cloud-based scalable analytics applications.

Shruti earned her Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University in 2009 and later earned her Masters’ degree in Telecommunications and Network Management from Syracuse University in 2011. Her work history includes J.P. Morgan Chase, MicroStrategy & Amazon Web Services (AWS). She is currently working as a Manager, Analytics Specialist SA at AWS, helping customers solving real-world analytics business challenges with cloud solutions and working with service teams to deliver real value. Shruti is DC Chapter Director for a non-profit Women In Big Data (WiBD), and engages with chapter members to build technical and business skills to support their career advancements.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Shruti currently resides in Aldie, VA, with her husband and two kids.


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