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"There cannot be equity in society without equity in data collection, curation, and decisions."

Women in Big Data Founders
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Women in Big Data (WiBD) started as a grass-roots organization in 2015 with the mission to inspire and connect women in big data careers. Starting with 15 members and one chapter in San Francisco’s Bay Area, the WiBD community grew to over 17,000 members across 37 chapters and six continents spreading inspiration, growing networks, and promoting member success on an ever-expanding platform.

In 2020, the organization filed paperwork that shifted Women in Big Data from grassroots to non-profit, expanding funding capabilities and laying a foundation for a new mission. The founders realized that, as important as inspiration and connection are, their ability to move the needle on a future in which gender and resources don’t limit equitable participation is finite. A new mission was outlined to cultivate tangible opportunities; unlock latent potential, act as a catalyst for advancement, and empower equity allies of any gender.

Women in Big Data is an inclusive community who appreciate that, in the broadest sense, big data is a tool being harnessed at every level, in every industry today, to shape tomorrow. Broader diversity among leaders and practitioners will improve the use and function of big data, ensuring a future that’s better for all of us.