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Afterwork Event: Women in Big Data in collaboration with SAP Business Women Network @SAP Munich

Women in Big Data

By Nahia Orduña,

July 9, 2019





Tina Rosario presentinThe event took place on the 27th of June, 2019, at the SAP offices in Munich. It was a very sunny day, with temperatures of over 30°C. Even with our city full of beer gardens and many summer festivals during this time of the year, our event was booked out, and 70 people joined us.

We had an introduction from the SAP Business Women Network in Munich, with Rosemary Ismalou, Alina Popa and Angelika Dallmayer.

Then Tina Rosario, SAP Chief Data Officer for Europe and Women in Big Data EMEA President, delivered a keynote around Big Data Trends. She explained her key takeaways from her conversations with other CDOs and CTOs in Europe. For example, she elaborated on the new trends in platforms, intelligence, streaming and regulations. She also talked about the concept of data citizens, who are now essential elements in a successful data strategy.

Tina was followed by Astrid Neumann and Nahia Orduna, who presented the Munich Chapter, current initiatives, and why now is a great moment to grow your skills in data: there are many opportunities out there for your talent!

Sarah Detzler

Sarah Detzler, Presales Specialist Business in the area of Intelligence – Predictive Analytics at SAP, delivered a presentation on “Buzzword Wars-Predictive vs. Machine Learning”. She introducing terms, presented the pillars of Predictive Analysis, and provided us with a use case. It was very impressive how she presented a very complex topic in a very understandable way.

Gretchen Nemechek presenting

Gretchen Nemechek, SAP Global Vice President in Sales Enablement, delivered a presentation on “Leading through Change” and the model: LET GO (Loosen, Embrace, Transparency, Growth, Optimism). It was totally engaging and include relevant examples, which left the audience very inspired about how mental flexibility is essential nowadays!

The event was made possible thanks to the engagement of many people apart from the ones presenting, including Kendy Rannenberg, Pat Piritburana and Katharina Brass from the Women in Big Data team, and Isabelle van de Merckt, Daniela Brummer, Laryssa Fonzo from SAP’s Business Women’s Network in Munich. A special thank you to Christian Listl, the Co-Executive Sponsor of BWN Munich, who actively supported and participated at this event!

Click here to download slides from the event.

Networking on the terrace

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