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Let’s get to know… Naomi Molefe, WiBD South Africa Chapter Director and a Member of Global Exec Committee.

Women in Big Data (WiBD) recently sat down with Naomi Molefe to get to know her and to introduce this amazing person to the community. WiBD: Who is Naomi Molefe? A young woman based in Johannesburg South Africa who has a keen interest in how the youth of SA is empowered in taking the country
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WiBD Brazil Face-to-Face

By Mael Prauchner, WiBD Brazil Chapter Director On May 4th the Brazil chapter of WiBD had our first in-person meetup after over two years without any personal contact! It was an interesting challenge to plan and organize this in-person event; while things appear to be more normal, many people still have concerns about face-to-face contact—including
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Positive Intelligence – 9 Ways We Self Sabotage

By Elizabeth Imm Did you know that only 20% of teams and individuals achieve their true potential? Why do you think this is true?  Every human being experiences inner conflict.  A push and pull of emotional energy that impacts our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, decisions, personal and professional relationships, and our health and well-being.  Research has
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Mentoring – What Women in Big Data Is Doing About It

By Deborah Sgro  – WiBD Mentoring Director In September 2021, McKinsey & Company, in partnership with, repeated a study of 65K women in corporate America known as Women In The Workplace 2021. The authors report: “Despite small gains in the pipeline (compared to 2016), women remain underrepresented across the corporate ladder.” The authors continue,
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