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Expanding our Network – WiBD Alberta (Edmonton)

13 March, 2020 By Diana Shaw, Founder and Lead, WiBD Alberta (Edmonton).   Expanding our Network!! One of the best ways to expand a professional network is to engage with other business organizations or industry-specific associations whose focus aligns with your own or that have overlapping mandates. This is especially true within a smaller population
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Your Professional Brand and Career Strategy

 By Marie Burns           Identifying your values is a key step in developing your professional brand and career strategy. Selecting five values was how thirty-four attendees started their “Your Professional Brand Brand and Career Strategy” workshop with Bob Loftis of NowForward Coaching. The event, sponsored by Women in Big Data, was
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Customer Centric Transformation and chapter kick-off – Barcelona Chapter

By Nuria Jordi. On March 5th, we had our first Women in Big Data event in Barcelona that kicked-off the Barcelona chapter. We held this event at the Barcelona Cisco Co-Innovation Centre. We were really excited to start this chapter in our lovely city and also have Nahia Orduña, WiBD Munich chapter lead, joining us
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International Women’s Day – Naomi Molefe

Women in Big Data is spotlighting 8 amazing women on March 8th, International Women’s Day. Naomi Molefe is WiBD South African Chapter Lead. Big Data from My Professional Point of View and Barriers I recently joined the group talent team at Discovery Holdings, an insurance business headquarted in Johannesburg with 7000 employees, operating in 19
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