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Your Personal Power: How to be More Influential, Better Compensated, and More Valuable to the People You Love

Session 2: The Drama Triangle By Eliana Castillo On June 2, 2021, leadership coach Jeremiah Miller, founder of Forging Leaders, helped us understand the three elements of the Drama Triangle: Victim, Villain and Hero. This session, much like the first session on “Your Personal Power” series, Stupid Clarity, was an invitation to look inward and analyze how our behavior,
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WiBD Enters A Data Challenge Competition: Lessons From The Trenches – How to Clinch your First Win

By Eliana Castillo, WiBD Bay Area and Silicon Valley Co-director On May 18, 2021, Juliane Stephan, Associate Partner at Bain, facilitated a panel of Team Leaders and Team Coordinators as they shared their experiences leading the first WiBD data challenge team cohort. The adventure started in December 2020, when various members of our WiBD community
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Elevate Your Career

By Liisel Jessop. On March 18, our Women in Big Data (WiBD) Dusseldorf chapter held a virtual event titled “Elevate Your Data Career!”. It was the first chapter event in 2021 and our team was really excited to see the community members and welcome new joiners. During the online event we had a chance to
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Creating a Culture of Mindfulness

By Usha Ramalingam, Chapter Director In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, the St. Louis chapter was happy to host a session on how to develop a Culture of Mindfulness by Rani Jayakumar. Rani Jayakumar is a certified mindfulness instructor from Mindful Schools, a yoga and mindfulness instructor through Little Flower Yoga, and
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