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Paris Chapter 2021 Kickoff Event

March 8 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EST Anna Marchon Welcome remarks We are very thankful to all the panel speakers for sharing their thoughts, energy and inspiration. Aruna Schwarz, CEO, Stelae Technologies Alice Memang, Co-founder – COO, Delfox Alexandra Prigent-Labeis, Managing Partner, Accellency Mihir Sarkar, Chief Data Officer, Engie Digital Sebastien Gibier, Director SAP.iO Foundry, SAP
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International Women’s Day – Sri Ramaswamy

Women in Big Data is spotlighting amazing women. Entrepreneur, Thought leader and Data expert. Big Data/AI Insurance Products specialist passionate about creating enterprise AI based solutions (generating ROI) leveraging domain expertise that changes insurance industry for the next generation. Have 18+ years of extensive experience in enterprise application architecture, enterprise s/w product development, business intelligence,
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International Women’s Day – Dovan Rai

Women in Big Data is spotlighting amazing women. Being a curious individual interested in exploring diverse disciplines resulting in the expansion of knowledge. I love creating things, building software platforms or communities to help maximize individual and collective potentials. I was born in a village in the eastern plains of Nepal, Bashaha-Beltar, and grew up
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International Women’s Day – Nataliya Komleva

Women in Big Data is spotlighting amazing women. Nataliya Komleva is a Software Program Manager at the Architecture, Graphics and Software Organization at Intel Corporation. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Informatics from the National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE), Faculty of Maths and Computer Science. As a schoolgirl I was
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