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By Regina Karson, March 8, 2017


Be Congruent: Your Successes and Values Drive Your Career


On March 6, 2017, Robert (Bob) Loftis presented a career-oriented workshop for members of the Women in Big Data Forum entitled “Be Congruent: Your Successes and Values Drive Your Career,” sponsored by Andreessen Horowitz.  

During the workshop, Bob had us prioritize our personal values to create stories of success that could be shared on our resumes and LinkedIn profiles and to begin to build our personal brands. Bob believes being congruent or true to one’s self will lead to more happiness as we connect to the world in our work and personal time. 

He also suggested that we prepare 6-12 success stories to answer behavioral questions with quantitative outcomes. Issue, Action, Outcome is the recommended structure. Additionally, he reminded us of the power of open questions (where the answer is NOT a yes or no). When completing an interview, he also suggested bringing a ‘leave behind’ on interviews to benefit the interviewer.

As a tip for writing a successful resume, Bob suggested we use https://www.jobscan.co to compare our resumes and LinkedIn profiles with job descriptions for key word optimizing to help us through the screening process. Of course, networking is still key to getting that next position. Informational interviews are a good way to expand one’s network. 

We covered a lot of ground in 90 minutes, and networking continued for two hours afterwards. Most of the women were in transition and found the workshop very helpful. We greatly appreciate the contributions of both Bob and Andreessen Horowitz to the Women in Big Data Forum. Thank you!

About Bob: Bob focuses on Integrative Coaching, Empowering Career and Communication Growth in an Agile World. He consults for Lee Hecht Harrison and has his own practice at www.NowForward.biz. Please click here to download the slide deck that Bob presented.

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