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"There cannot be equity in society without equity in data collection, curation, and decisions."

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

By: Nompumelelo Simango 22 November 2021  On the 21st of July, Women in Big Data released an advocacy report aptly titled The Data Revolution: Building the Workforce of the Future. Amongst the various topics that the report touches on is workforce bias in data-related fields and the steady decline in the number of women in
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The Future of Analytics and Decision Intelligence

By Regina Karson, Principal & WiBD Board Advisor Event: The Future of Analytics and Decision Intelligence with Berit Hoffmann, Sisu CPO Time: Thursday, October 28th, 10AM PT Fireside chat with Berit Hoffmann, Chief Product Officer at Sisu Data, and Regina Karson, US Board Advisor for Women in Big Data (WiBD). We  explored the downstream business impact
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Global Mentoring Initiative Update

By Deborah Sgro, Board Advisor Earlier this summer, the Women in Big Data (WiBD) Board of Directors formed a workgroup to prepare a recommendation for a globally available mentoring initiative. The WiBD vision statement guided the workgroup’s effort:  Fulfilling our vision to cultivate tangible opportunities for women, unlock latent potential through accessible training, act as
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A Sit-down with Our Published Authors and WiBD leaders: Featuring Shruti Worlikar

WiBD recently spoke with Shruti Worlikar about her new book. WiBD: Tell us a little more about your journey to publishing your recent book “Amazon Redshift Cookbook: Recipes for building modern data warehousing solutions” Shruti: The “Amazon Redshift Cookbook” started with a simple idea, what if we can divide the complex data warehousing use cases into
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Let’s get to know the new Director of the Women in Big Data Southern California Chapter – Giselle Sitdykova

Giselle Sitdykova – WiBD chats with an incredible woman with an amazing story. WiBD: Giselle, let’s talk. Tell us a little about yourself. Giselle: I am definitely a product of my parents, my grandma, teachers, books, the USSR system and instability that followed its breakdown. With friends, I believe I had more impact on them than
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Building Resilience for Career Growth: Self Care For The Long Run

By Srabasti Banerjee, Big Data Engineer Right now, some people are in between roles and the pandemic has also added extra stress for many of us. What we learnt at this session is really for the rest of our working lives, as no company offers much stability these days, except perhaps the government. Women in
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The Critical Role Org Design Plays in Data Utilization

Women in Big Data held a session on August 24, 2021 with Katie Murphy, Founder and CEO of Expansion Group. Katie walked us through Organization Design and Data Utilization and importance of functional alignment. Check out the recording of the session and presentation slides. Here is summary of what Katie shared with us, in her
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How Augmented Analytics Unlock Critical Insights in Your Data

Regina Karson, WiBD US Board Advisor and Sisu Product Marketing  July 15, 2021 Gina Chen, VP Sisu Data moderated a session with Brynne Henn, Director Sisu Data and Regina Karson, WiBD US Board Advisor for an overview session on Augmented Analytics. Organizations everywhere are racing to generate, collect, and leverage tremendous amounts of data—which can
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WiBD Russia One-to-One Mentorship Program

By Marina Alekseeva. The One-to-One Mentorship program in Russia, called Mentor in Tech, started in Jan 2021 in collaboration with peer communities: Women in Tech – a global movement that gathers all people, networks, and organizations that are engaged in bridging the gender gap in the technology sector, and Women on Board of Directors – a
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Coming Out of the Third Wave

A Munich Perspective June, 2021 As the rain clouds clear and the sun rays peak through to greet us with summer kisses, we feel our hearts and moods lift from what seemed like a never-ending lockdown in Germany. Some of our members share their personal experiences of the recent months…   Nahia Orduña is one
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