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Building an intentional career with meaningful and fulfilling roles

Women in Big Data

By Daniel R.,

July 17, 2020


Many of us have had an organic career — we take jobs that are presented to us by recruiters, managers and colleagues. We accept them because we’re flattered, ready for a change or afraid we’ll miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Sometimes they turn out to be fantastic jobs; other times they are lackluster at best. A series of the latter kind can lead to a mid-career crisis — we question what we’re doing and how we got here.

Thankfully, there’s a better way: an intentional career. It’s one where you take control and create opportunities that are aligned to your goals, experience, strengths and interests. It leads to a series of dream jobs — ones that you love and thrive in.

On July 9th, 2020, Julie Chase, co-founder and head job coach of Dream Job Catcher, explained in detail how to lay the foundation for an intentional career during a Women in Big Data sponsored webinar. She shared lots of insights and best practices based on her experience working with hundreds of clients helping them to land their dream job. It was a very active session where she answered many questions from the attendees during the Q&A.

The session was broken up into sections where Julie provided access to several worksheets for everyone to take home. At the end she extended a very special offer to all attendees and everyone reading this blog. Check out the presentation and the recording to find out how to take advantage of a free coaching session with her.

is the Co-founder and Head Job Coach of Dream Job Catcher, a job search coaching business that helps people increase their fulfillment and happiness. She has helped hundreds of high caliber leaders land their dream job and build intentional careers. Previously, she built an extensive career over 20 years as a marketing leader across a wide range of tech companies including Intel, Concur, DocuSign and several startups. Julie earned her a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from Lewis & Clark College and an MBA from Cornell. She’s an avid meditator, foodie and traveler — has visited 23 countries and counting.