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Career Advancements — Bringing Value

Women in Big Data

By Mrinalini Singh Thakur,

October 6, 2022


The WiBD Northwest Chapter conducted a one-hour webinar on Career Advancements: Bringing Value, which started with a definition of value-added activities available to employees to produce measurable results for one’s team, company, or client. Emphasis was placed on understanding the value of aligning effort with the organizations or customer’s or team’s financial and strategic objectives.

An exercise assisted the participants in assessing their current “value-added” profile and techniques for improving one’s value-added contribution were reviewed. The webinar concluded with a review of self-advocacy techniques to confidently communicate one’s current and future value offering to an organization’s or customer’s business goals through engagement in value-added activities.

You can listen to the session here

About the speaker:

Deborah Sgro is a certified career coach with a private practice. She is on the Board of Advisors for Women in Big Data and is the organization’s Mentoring Director. By profession, Deborah is a certified career coach with a private practice. She specializes in coaching technology and business professionals at all career levels. Working individually or with groups, Deborah helps her clients craft and execute a strategy to achieve the career they envision.

As a former senior financial technologist professional, she worked on Wall Street for over 40 years developing applications for stock exchanges, brokerages, and banking. Throughout that time, she groomed emerging talent by establishing and running mentoring programs, providing on-the-job training sessions, and personally coaching to assist people with their career advancement goals.

Deborah holds a CCSP certification from the National Career Development Association. She is also a certified project manager and certified Agile Professional from the Project Management Institute. Deborah holds two master’s degrees from Stevens Institute of Technology, one in Computer Science, and the other in Technology Management.

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