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Astha Sharma

Astha Sharma

Astha Sharma

Managing Director at Code Rush | Managing director at Girls in Tech Nepal.

Ms. Astha is the Managing Director of Shequal Foundation and Girls in Tech Nepal, an international non-profit organization with the objective of encouraging the Nepali diaspora's involvement in the technological transformation of females in Nepal. Along with this, she runs her own startup Code Rush as a CEO which is a company that specializes in Digital Platforms and Marketing. Additionally, she is working as a Program Manager of Women in Big Data (WiBD) Southeast Asia. Under her leadership, she has expanded the territory of WiBD in 8 different countries including Nepal, India, Bahrain, Jordan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

If you want to describe her with an adjective, a multi-tasker will never go wrong.

She aims to rationalize the technical equity between males and females in Nepal’s IT sector. She envisions creating more female technical leaders to drive the technical industry and balance the ecosystem.

For over a period of 6 years, Astha Sharma has been involved in strategic planning and execution of different women-based technical meetups and workshops. To this date, she has conducted hundreds of workshops, events, and conferences dedicated to helping girls move forward in their careers.

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