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Bonnie D. Graham

Bonnie D. Graham

Bonnie D. Graham

Radio & Podcast Creator-Producer-Host-Moderator / Artist / Drummer


Podcasts are all the rage. Anyone can create and host a podcast. But are your company's podcasts engaging your target audiences and advancing your business goals? If not, it may be time for a fresh approach with an experienced podcast developer and host who humanizes business subject matter.

What makes me an expert? Creator / producer / host of 40+ virtual roundtable thought leadership live podcast series [VoiceAmerica.com Business] that bring savvy experts' business and technology insights to attentive global audiences. With my guidance, panelists are comfortable speaking authentically in lively, interactive conversations without scripts or slides. Radio series design and development, topic research, guest coaching, monologue writing, lively on-air delivery, agency liaison. The voice of SAP's Digitalist Flash Briefings on Alexa [SAP Digitalist Skill].

How it began: In 2011, I proposed a "pure thought leadership" live radio concept [no selling / pay-for-play] at SAP, the global leader in enterprise solutions. I was green-lighted to produce / host Game-Changers radio featuring business leaders, industry analysts, authors, futurists, academicians. In 2018, our 40+ series [live + on-demand] drew 1.24M listeners – without any paid media!

Popular series include Internet of Things, CFO / Financial Excellence, Future of Cars, Predictive Machine Learning, HR Leaders, SME Revenue Growth, Smart Cities, Business Model Disruption. On Twitter #SAPRadio.

June 2019 newest series: Technology Revolution: The Future of Now is a predictions-theme roundtable on VoiceAmerica.com Business [Wednesday 11am/ET].

How can I help you create / produce your own branded podcasts and media?
• Podcast development, branding, editorial calendar, host and speaker coaching
• Engaging host / moderator for live podcasts and virtual events
• Voiceover artist for audiobooks
• Business writer / editor breathing life into dry topics

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