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Desiree Timmermans

Desiree Timmermans

Desiree Timmermans

Desiree has 25 years of experience in the Information & Communication Technology sector. She worked at Global Technology and IT-Consulting Corporations.

In 2017, Desiree founded Help To Grow Talk, focussing on helping IT companies grow business revenue with customer-centric conversations: 'We help you create talks that solve your audiences' top-of-mind challenges.' It involves leveraging the unique Help To Grow Talk method, a 3-steps approach:
Step 1️⃣: Customer Talk → Resulting in a Customer Truth Report
Step 2️⃣: Team Talk → Resulting in a Customer-Centric Conversation & Revenue Growth Strategy Plan
Step 3️⃣: Implementation Talk → Resulting in Better and Better Customer-Centric Conversations for Revenue Growth

Additionally, Help To Grow Talk also provides content services, helping you make it easy for customers to talk with you. Clients rate podcasting as the most popular service to create talks that solve your customer's top-of-mind challenges. Measurements of all the Help To Grow Talk services occur via combining innovative and best practices tools. Our customers come from the IT sector: C-Suite, Business Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Academic Leaders - we have you covered.

Since 2021, Desiree has been Co-Director of Women in Big Data - Brussels with a mission to champion the success of women in the big data and analytics field by networking, podcasting, mentoring, leadership opportunities, and providing technical training and professional development workshops. Besides, she is the Global Women in Big Data Podcasting Lead.

Desiree's true passion is helping you have better conversations to enhance your daily life, work experience, and social interactions: making the world a better place, one conversation at a time.

Desiree holds a master's in Organizational and Administrative Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

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