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Ekaterina Tcareva

Ekaterina Tcareva

Ekaterina Tcareva

Data Scientist at LinkedIn (NLP)


In the Spring 2017 I graduated from University of California Santa Cruz with Computer Science major. I worked two years at SLAC (co-created a Python module for small angle x-ray scattering data analysis - a tool to help our scientist to extract useful information from synchrotron data). I developed modules for automated training of ML models for classification and prediction continues parameters of small-angle x-ray scattering spectra.

Now am working on a text classification project at LinkedIn. I am very happy to use knowledge I got at NLP class at UCSC and taking Deep Learning Nano Degree at Udacity.

For creating, testing, and visualizing my models I am mostly using python, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Pandas, Numpy, Jupyter notebook.

I love learning!!! I took all classes related with ML /Data Science field at my University ("Machine Learning and Data Mining"​, “Natural Language Processing”, ”Artificial Intelligence"​, "Database Management", "Data Programming for Visualization" ), and got a Nano Degree in Deep Learning from Udacity. Now I am working on my MS in Computer Science and ML (on-line program at Georgia Tech).

Recently I took "Big Data for Health Care"class at Georgia Tech where I did a project "Using of Transfer Learning for Fracture Detection by X-ray images " (you can see the slides of our final presentation).
*Python (including Pandas, Scikit-Learn, nltk, numPy), Java, SQL
*Machine Learning (linear and logistic regression, SVM, neural network, Naive naive bayes)
*Deep Learning, Neural Networking using Keras and TensorFlow
*Data Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Statistic
*Data Visualization (D3, Matplotlib)
*Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark
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