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Elizabeth Land

Elizabeth Land

Elizabeth Land

Enterprise Partner Marketing at NVIDIA
Proven leader with 10 years' record growing revenues through alliance partners and customers. As an experienced marketing leader, I am skilled at driving results and multi-tasking in process heavy environments. , I am adept at identifying shared goals across companies and crafting 1+1=3, win/win strategies for alliance partners and customers.

I expertly deliver marketing messages and go-to-market campaigns for sell-in, sell-with and sell-through sales motions. Recognized for strengthening relationships with key partners and customers, I've consistently achieved results in developing and managing global-scale accounts and projects and controlling multi-million dollar budgets. At one key Fortune 100 partner, I contributed to 30% YoY growth in revenues through marketing activities.

I'm passionate about direct and indirect management and collaboration across diverse teams and organizations. My successes in driving awareness and demand generation that build revenues are based on my talent for identifying opportunities, aligning stakeholders, bringing leading brands together in market development activities and developing co-marketing and sales enablement campaigns.

I am a true ‘people connector’, 'possibility thinker' and 'life long learner' of new technologies. This is what helps me walk through the door of a new organization and quickly ramp to contribute to success.

Competencies that drive business success:
- Partner and Alliance Marketing
- OEM Marketing
- Channel Marketing
- Business Development
- Market development
- Customer Marketing
- Process and Execution
- Project and Program Management
- Sponsorships
- Events
- Awareness Campaigns
- Demand Generation
- Go-to-Market Campaigns
- Global and Regional Campaigns
- Marketing Budget Management
- Messaging
- Positioning
- Product Launch
- Sales Training
- Sales Enablement
- Social Media
- Collaboration
- Direct and Indirect Management
- Technology Leadership
- Negotiation
- Contracts

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