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"There cannot be equity in society without equity in data collection, curation, and decisions."

Women in Big Data Founders
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International Women’s Day – Karen Matthys

Women in Big Data is spotlighting amazing women By Karen Matthys Executive Director, External Partners at Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME). I lead an eco-system of ICME faculty, students, corporate affiliates and other external partners who collaborate throughout the year in areas such as research, new curriculum development and recruitment.  I have
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International Women’s Day – Marina Alekseeva

Women in Big Data is spotlighting amazing women By Marina Alekseeva Certified mentor and coach Co-lead of the Women in Bid Data program in EMEA Former Vice President at Intel Corporation I’m an established leader, mentor and coach, with more than 20 years of experience in software development, program management, leading large cross-functional teams in
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International Women’s Day – Bonnie D. Graham

Women in Big Data is spotlighting amazing women By Bonnie D. Graham An Early Woman in Tech: Her Story “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” (Story of the Engine That Thought It Could, 1906) A twenty-something mother of two, transplanted by her husband from Cambridge MA to Eugene OR,
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Must Know Topics for Entrepreneurs: Thursdays – Mark Thorpe – 9/3/20-\ 11/5/20 at Noon, PST

By Regina Karson, WiBD US Board Member   On October 30, 2020, Women in Big Data hosted a workshop on Finance 101 with Mark Thorpe, VP Finance and Corporate Controller, Eargo, and host, Shuchi Rana, Co-Director Women in Big Data Silicon Valley Chapter. This question-and-answer session focused on early-stage funding from Seed to Series- A
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