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Juliette Aucamp

Juliette Aucamp

Juliette Aucamp

Head of Business Partnering in Data and Analytics at Vodafone

I am an insight and information driven Business Partner and Portfolio Manager. I am passionate about Business Intelligence, and using data to drive the optimisation of business models within an organisation. I have experience in many fields - Pharmaceutical Management, Mining, Construction, Occupational Health and Safety and Telecommunications (Mobile and convergent portfolio’s). I am able to understand organisations processes quickly and with ease.

I am the bridge between business and technology, and I thrive in this area.
I am a partner, influencer and collaborator by nature, working with technology and business to ensure that both divisions can work in conjunction with one another, and support the customer journey.

I have the customer in mind with everything I do. I am continuously analysing new ways to improve an organisation through the insights and information the data provides. I have a high-level view, and can translate the changes in technology to Business impacts. I drive cross silo strategic changes, bringing employees to understand the full context of information.
I am ambitious, passionate, and delivery driven. I have successfully aligned and automated a multitude of interdisciplinary projects through my organisations.

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