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Marina Alekseeva

Marina Alekseeva

Marina Alekseeva

Certified mentor and coach
Co-lead of the Women in Bid Data program in EMEA
Former Vice President at Intel Corporation


An established leader, coach and mentor of career wellbeing with a solid experience in building professional career from programmer to vice-president, in leading large cross-functional teams in a multicultural environment and building a culture of growth in the organisation. Strong advocate for Women and Diversity & Inclusion, motivational speaker and trainer .


* Certified mentor and coach, member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
* Member of the National Federation of Professional Mentoring and Coaching
* Member of the Association of Career Professionals
* Coaching trainer at EDPRO Academy
* Trainer of "The leader and the Team" course at Higher School of Economics
* Certified facilitator of the Inner Game by Timothy Gallwey
* Co-organizer of the Women in Bid Data program in EMEA
* Sponsor of the "Mentor in Tech" programm
* Former Vice President and General Manager of Intel R&D in Russia


My career journey from software developer to vice president in a complex corporate environment was not a story of exciting opportunities and promotions only, it was also the story of overcoming outer and inner barriers and the story of deep insights into what constitutes a successful and meaningful career where my strengths, passions, and organizational needs come together. I have found my way to enjoyable career and balanced life and I will partner with you to explore what successful career means to you, broaden your perspective to be able to see new opportunities, identify and remove obstacles you’ll face along the way in order to create a meaningful career that you deserve


My clients are:
# Professionals stuck in their careers. You will
- Create your own authentic career path
- Find meaning and enjoyment at work
# Leaders striving to achieve full potential of their teams. We will
- Develop your unique leadership style
- Build true partnership with and within your team
# Women in male-dominated corporate environment. You will
- Leverage your uniqueness to increase your value at work
- Build confidence in how you balance work and family

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