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Sophia He

Sophia He

Sophia He

Data Scientist at Teck Resources Limited

Data scientist with Master degree in Statistics. Experience in building automation platform to improve work efficiency, using data mining and predictive modelling to provide data-oriented insight and translating business requirements to data-driven solutions. Equipped with analytical mindset in creating innovative solutions to business problems. Effective presentation skill in communicating technical content to various stakeholders.

I've been exposed to most of the stages in the data science pipeline, starting from data mining, processing & feature engineering, to modeling and validation & performing testing and finally to visualization, implementation and automation. Based on current and previous work experience, I think I can bring solid knowledge & experience in understanding the different stages of a machine learning project, along with extensive coding practice and overall an analytical mindset that always approaches a problem with data-driven thinking. My current career goal is to work towards or get more involved in the data science pipeline, where the work can utilize more of big data framework and machine learning techniques to conduct predictive modelling.

• Analytics & Automation: R, Python (including Pyspark), SAS, MATLAB, JMP & STATA
• Visualization: R Shiny, Tableau, Plotly & Dash
• Data Processing & Documentation: SQL (BigQuery), Latex, RMarkdown
• Machine Learning Tools: GLM, Tree-based Methods (Decision Tree, Random Forest), SVM, Clustering (k-Means, Gaussian Clustering Model), Gradient Boosting Algorithms (GBM, XGBoost), Neural Network (CNN, RNN)

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