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Stella Mashkevitch

Stella Mashkevitch

Security Analyst
Flexible, experienced and precise software engineer, knowledgeable in back and front-end development. Sharp analytical abilities and proven design skills. Recognized for methodical and thorough problem resolution and new feature integration for very large code bases, with excellent problem-solving, debugging and communication skills.
Developed elegant solutions to complex business problems and apply appropriate technologies while following security engineering best practices.
Developed user management features for systems of different sizes, protecting user’s sensitive information and access to the system.
 Marketing requirements thru implementation
 Maintenance and development of existing Software
 Large complex code bases
 New product development
 Object-oriented Designs
 LAMP, MEAN stacks

PHP, JavaScript, Java, Scala, Python, C/C++
Linux, Windows, macOS, Solaris
Play, CircleCI, Spring, Docker, Terraform, AWS, Qt
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere
VSC, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Qt Creator, GDB, Valgrind, Coverity, Git

Contact me at stelonka@comcast.net


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