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Tina Tang

Tina Tang

Tina Tang

Co-Founder Women in Big Data | Marketing Executive | Board Member | Startup Advisor | Neurodiversity.

Tina’s expertise lies in high tech marketing. Her life's purpose is to help others realize their full potential. How do those two seemingly very different things come together? The answer is people. Tina specializes in bringing talent together from different disciplines to build high performing teams. Tina earned a well-deserved place on Datanami’s list of People to Watch 2020. 

Her achievements extend beyond her professional roles.  As the co-founder and chair of womeninbigdata.org, she has played a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity and diversity within the tech industry.  Additionally, Tina serves as the executive sponsor for Women in Big Data’s Global Mentoring Initiative. Tina is an inspiring thought leader who speaks at events, mentors, and coaches others to perform and achieve their best.

Contact mentoring@womeninbigdata.org for more information.


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