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Cisco Networking Academy and Women in Big Data Partnership: Big Data Analytics Training Explained

Women in Big Data

By WiBD Team,

April 8, 2019


Questions and answers on the latest training from Cisco and WiBD!

What is this great training opportunity?

is inviting a limited number of Women in Big Data members to high-quality, fifty-hour online training offerings on Big Data and Analytics with a focus on the Internet of Things. Members who successfully complete the courses will receive a certificate from Cisco.

Our Cisco sponsor is Ann Andersen, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Cisco, who learned about our community and offered to partner with us. This initiative is supported by Jutta Graefensteiner, Director Channel and Partner Management Cisco Germany. The training has been made possible thanks to Monika Stausberg, IT & Big Data Instructor from the vocational school ITECH in Hamburg, and Vanessa Verstegen-Häntsch, CEO of IT-Bildungsnetz.

How can I get more details?

Click here to view a webinar that reviews the content, explains the hands-on optional part of the training, and provides details about how to join the webinar. This can be watched online or downloaded.

What is the course content?

The Internet of Things increases the opportunity for people to create and invent new devices due to lower costs and greater access. The resulting explosion of new types of devices and solutions contributes to the exponential growth of data in the IoT. Organizations are now critically dependent on the collection, storage and analysis of data to extract information and gain insights for the business: Making good decisions depends on good data. As the amount of data grows, decision makers increasingly rely on data analytics to extract the required information at the right time and in the right place to make the best decision. Students who complete the Big Data & Analytics course will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Explain how businesses can extract information and insights from IoT Data.
  • Understand the steps of the Data Analysis Lifecycle and perform these tasks.
  • Understand privacy and security aspects of data.
  • Explain the different types of data analytics: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.
  • Use Python to create a data pipeline to acquire, manipulate and visualize sensor data.
  • Apply exploratory data analysis to extract insights from data.
  • Understand how Machine Learning algorithms can be used for predictive analytics.
  • Present and communicate using data storytelling.
  • Describe the evolution of data management technologies from SQL to NoSQL.
  • Understand and explain the evolution of a modern data center computing platform and be aware of distributed scalable Big Data solutions such as Apache Hadoop, Cassandra and Spark.

What are the chapters of this training?

  1. Data and the Internet of Things – Understand the concepts of Big Data & Analytics and the role of Big Data in IoT systems.
  2. Fundamentals of Data Analysis – Learn the basics of descriptive statistics, the practical aspects in acquiring data from a sensor, and how to create visual representations of the data.
  3. Data Analysis – Explore data using statistics and visualization to extract information and create hypotheses.
  4. Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning – Learn about predictive analytics, supervised and unsupervised approaches to Machine Learning, and how to apply models to make predictions from data.
  5. Storytelling with Data – Learn how to transform analytics results into a convincing narrative with clear visual communication.
  6. Introduction to Data Center & Data Engineering – Learn the basic principles behind the most important scalable solutions for Big Data, such as Apache Hadoop and the related ecosystem of technologies.

How can I enroll?

First, click the seat token generator: https://www.it-bildungsnetz.de/wibd.html; then use the seat token generated to register at this link: https://www.netacad.com/self-enroll/.

And if I have more questions?

The course content and the method for registering are explained in detail in the webinar. If you still have any questions about this partnership or the training, you can contact Nahia Orduña from Women in Big Data team or Ann Andersen from Cisco.

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