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Cloudera EDGE2AI Workshop

Women in Big Data

By Surbhi Kochhar,

August 6, 2019


On July 23rd, 2019, a beautiful summer evening in sunny California, Cloudera and Women in Big Data collaborated on hosting their first joint meetup for women at Cloudera’s Palo Alto headquarters. Led by Sunita Sharma and Surbhi Kochhar, the EDGE2AI workshop was aimed at getting the attendees familiar with different Cloudera technologies, as well as providing hands-on experience on Edge2AI tools on CDH covering Data Ingestion, Data Engineering to Data Science and Analytic AI.

Sunita Sharma, Surbhi Kochhar

After an introduction about Women in Big Data, Sunita and Surbhi presented a technical overview of Cloudera Edge2AI tools, with a deep-dive hands-on lab. The workshop featured an IoT maintenance use case using Edge Flow Management with MQTT and Minifi for data collection. Data Flow management was handled by NiFi and Kafka, and Spark Streaming with CDSW model was used to process data as a Data Engineering and Data Science use case. The lab ended with a showcase of data from Kudu table with Impala query for Dashboarding with Hue.

The attendees were happy to learn about Edge2AI flow and to get familiar with the different technologies involved. They loved being hands-on with CDSW modeling and Nifi flow, especially when they saw sensor data ingestions in system. Everyone was very pleased and appreciative of the laid back and conducive environment where they were empowered to try something new. The labs were posted on-site so attendees can execute and learn at their own pace after the workshop.

A big thanks to Women in Big Data and Cloudera management for their support and for making this event possible.

Watch this video to see Cloudera’s Edge to AI tools in action or visit Cloudera.com/cdf to learn more.

By Surbhi Kochhar