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Congratulations to Technology Solopreneur Peer Group Mentoring Participants

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By Deborah Sgro,

November 27, 2023


We are thrilled to share exciting news about the successful conclusion of the inaugural Technology Solopreneur Peer Group Mentoring Program, a specialized offering in the Women in Big Data Global Mentoring Initiative. This program, held during the September to December 2023 mentoring session, was designed for individuals intending to start or who already founded a technology service or product based business.

Technology Solopreneurs brought together a diverse group of aspiring and active solopreneurs, including technical program managers, senior technology leaders, data analysts, scientists, and managers. It was a unique opportunity for individuals to explore the intricacies of creating and running a company.

Utilizing a facilitated peer mentoring format, the program provided participants with a platform to learn from each other under the guidance of two experienced facilitators. Over the course of the six sessions four distinguished guest speakers shared valuable insights on critical business topics:

  • Branding: Our first guest speaker, Fani Nicheva, delved into the art of branding, guiding participants on crafting a unique identity for their businesses to stand out in the competitive market.
  • Legal Issues: Another expert, Bill Richter, addressed legal considerations, shedding light on navigating the legal landscape to ensure the smooth operation of independent ventures.
  • Taxes Concerns: A seasoned professional in tax matters, Kristin Smith, shared expertise on handling tax concerns, providing clarity on this crucial aspect of solopreneurship.
  • Listening to Your Customers: The final speaker, Margaret Rosas, imparted wisdom on the importance of customer feedback, detailing how active listening can be a cornerstone in building a thriving business.

As we celebrate the achievements of the Technology Solopreneur participants, and thank all those who contributed to the program’s success, we also wish our solopreneurs good luck as they apply their knowledge and skills in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Participants included Deborah Lindsay (facilitator), Deborah Sgro (facilitator), Anat Zohar, Erin Jerri Pangilinana, Andrea Liao, Surekha Reddy, Cindy Chen and Neha Aggarwal.

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