Complimentary Training Courses for WiBD Members ONLY!

The Linux Foundation is offering WiBD members free access to online training courses on a variety of technologies. Courses are available at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels on topics such as Hadoop, Docker, and Blockchain, as well as basic and advanced Linux.

To take advantage of this opportunity, first contact Shala Arshi to get a pass code, then click here to register for courses by December 31, 2018 (though you can complete the courses after that date).

Levels: I=Introductory, INT=Intermediate, U=Undergrad, A=Advanced
    Math Statistics Python
    • Intro to Python for Data Science (DataCamp) -I-
    • Complete Python Bootcamp (Udemy) -I-
    • Introduction of Comp Sci & Programming Using Python (edx) -I-
    • Python Beyond the Basics - Object-Oriented Programming (Udemy) -A-
    • R Programming (Coursera, JHU) -INT-
    • Introduction to R for Data Science (edX) I-
    Big Data & Cloud Computing SQL Machine Learning
    • Introduction to Machine Learning (WiBD) -I-
    • Machine Learning by Andrew Ng (Coursera) -INT-
    • Stanford CS229 Machine Learning (Course Page), (Youtube, 2008) -INT-
    • Berkeley CS 189 Introduction to Machine Learning (Berkeley) -A-
    • Google Machine Learning Crash Course (Google) -I-
    Deep Learning & Neural Network
    • Neural Nets: Development Process (WiBD) -I-
    • AI and Big Data Analytics (WiBD) -I-
    • Neural Networks and Deep Learning by Andrew Ng (Coursera) -A-
    • Convolutional Neural Networks by Andrew Ng (Coursera) -A-
    • MIT 6.S191: Introduction to Deep Learning (MIT) -INT-
    • CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition (Youtube, Stanford) -A-
    • CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning (Youtube, Stanford) -A-
    • MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars (Youtube, MIT) -A-
    • Neural Network for Machine Learning (Coursera, U of Toronto) -INT-
    • ai Courses ( -INT-
    • Stanford CS20SI - TensorFlow (Youtube, Stanford) -INT-
    Computer Science Experiment Design Visualization
    • Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau (Coursera, Duke) -INT-
    • Data Visualization and D3.js (Udacity) -INT-
    Time Series Analysis
    • Time Series Forecasting (Udacity) -INT-
    • Python Tutorial (org)
    • Learn Python the Hard Way (free book)
    Bash  Data Mining
    • Stanford CS246 Mining of Massive Dataset (free book)
    Statistics  Machine Learning  Deep Learning & Neural Network
    • Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow (free book)
    Natural Language Processing
    • Natural Language Processing with Python (free book)
     Product Sense
    • Lean Analytics (Amazon)
    • Cracking the PM Interview (Amazon)
    Coding Practices
     Data Science
    • Analytics Vidhya (blog)
    • R Bloggers (web)
    • KDnuggets (blog)
    • Kaggle official blog (blog)
    • Dataquest (blog)
    • Data Tau News (news)
     Company Engineering / Data Science Blogs
    • AWS Big Data Blog (blog)
    • Airbnb Engineering & Data Science Blog (blog)
    • Google Cloud Big Data & Machine Learning Blog (blog)
    • Twitter Engineering Blog (blog)
    • Cloudera Blog (blog)
    • Databricks Blog (blog)

    Please note: These are courses recommended by your peers; they have NOT been verified by WiBD (unless specifically stated in the recommended course section).


    We would love to hear from you!

    If you have a course you would like to recommend, please click here to log in.

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    • Anybody else doing the Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng on Coursera ? Would love to set up a slack group and work each week together to keep us on track. Please reply here.