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Creating a Culture of Mindfulness

Women in Big Data

By Usha Ramalingam,

April 26, 2021


In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, the St. Louis chapter was happy to host a session on how to develop a Culture of Mindfulness by Rani Jayakumar.

Rani Jayakumar is a certified mindfulness instructor from Mindful Schools, a yoga and mindfulness instructor through Little Flower Yoga, and studied biomedical sciences at UCSF. She aims to teach music and mindfulness to children in a way that is fun and engaging. Rani is passionate about the environment and sustainability, as well as an avid reader and crafter. She lives in Palo Alto, California with her husband and two young children.

Rani started off with breaking the popular myth on mindfulness practices and connected with the audience right away by comparing the techniques of practicing mindfulness to data analysis practices. She continued by providing some statistics on the various benefits of these practices. Rani then conducted an interactive session to explain the science of mindfulness and sustained engaging the audience to exploring some of the mindfulness practices. The session concluded with fun and games.

The timing of this session could not have been more perfect for the audience, as women are trying to balance virtual remote working with post pandemic challenges presented on the family front. The simple tips outlined by Rani can be easily incorporated into anyone’s schedule and can have a larger impact in decreasing stress and improving productivity and emotional wellbeing in general.

Rani has also graciously shared the following resources to help get started with our mindfulness journey:

  • 30-second self-care bingo cards – Small things you can do in a short time to care for yourself or take a mindful moment
  • A mindfulness toolbox poster
  • Audio recording – a 5-minute meditation to continue to practice
  • Session Presentation

You can visit http://www.okachiko.com/ to learn more about Rani Jayakumar.

Also available:

Mindfulness for WiBD

30-Second Self-Care

Your Mindfulness Toolbox

5-Minute Meditation (audio)

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