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Data Science Olympians

Tech Mentoring Through Data Science Competition - Offered by the WiBD Bay Area Chapter

General Description: This program was specifically designed to advance technology skill development and technical leadership through data science contest participation, and is appropriate for any WiBD member whether you are a data science enthusiast, novice, beginner, expert, or domain/industry expert. If you have the interest to develop your skills through competition, you are welcomed.

Logistics: This is a 4 month virtual program. Working in teams, projects must be completed by the end of the program. Each team will be headed by a team lead, and a team coordinator. Each participant should be prepared to invest 4 to 6 hours on average weekly for the duration of this program. This time includes formal group meetings, group communications, and individual efforts.

Language and Time Zone: Members will choose which team they would like to participate in based on timezone compatibility and data science competition interest. Team leads must be available to meet occasionally during Pacific Standard Time. This program will be administered in English, however, teams can select which language they prefer to work in among themselves.

Program Offering: One cohort will be offered in March 2022.

Participant Eligibility: Open to all members of Women In Big Data interested in data science competition.

Data Science Team Leaders: Team leaders are responsible to lead a team of interested participants (4 to 8 people) by selecting a data science contest to participate in, guiding team activities, and ensuring the timely completion of the competition activities. The leaders will receive help from the team coordinator, co-team members, program leads, domain experts, other WiBD members and friends.

Data Science Team Coordinators: The team coordinators work closely with the team leaders to assist in team’s logistics, and support the team in completing the data science contest that the team selected to participate in.

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