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Elevating Horizons: Internship Journey

Women in Big Data
Women in Big Data

By Tamanna Khaitan, WiBD Team,

September 11, 2023


This is the article written by one of Women in Big Data India volunteers about her internship journey at Salesforce. 

“Hello, I’m Tamanna Khaitan, a final-year undergraduate at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, pursuing Electronics and Communications. I’m thrilled to share my internship experience at Salesforce, where I’m about to embark on my career as a Software Engineer. During the end of the second year, I came across Women in Big Data which I believe has, quite literally, changed my life!”

I discovered the power of communities, peer learning and women leaning on each other to rise and thrive together! And here, I am to share my internship experience at Salesforce.

 I vividly recall my excitement as I moved to Bangalore, ready to kickstart my internship adventure. Meeting fellow interns from across India, we all shared a common curiosity about the teams we’d be joining. In no time, I acquainted myself with my manager and the team members.

I worked in the Security Cloud Organization and my team was Data Engineering Team. I got to work on Devops and backend. Starting with the internship, FutureForce Team’s warm welcome set the tone, with an engaging week of activities and insightful leadership sessions on Salesforce’s business and AI endeavors. These sessions not only broadened my horizons but also underscored the company’s commitment to fostering knowledge and growth among interns.

Team-building and social activities with my colleagues and co-interns enriched my experience. A memorable “Volunteer Time Off” (VTO) activity involved planting seed balls, exemplifying Salesforce’s dedication to sustainability and community engagement. I got to work on new tech stacks including Go and DevOps. It was quite challenging for the first few weeks, but I enjoyed my work. I participated in the Future Force hackathon (organized for interns) and was among the top 5. The hackathon was three days long, and we had four rounds of judging. I was also able to achieve the Trailhead Ranger rank, symbolizing 50,000 points earned on Salesforce’s Trailhead platform, showcased my dedication to learning and mastering Salesforce technologies.

I also acquired a proficient grasp of the agile methodology in executing the tasks I was given for my project. I learnt how as developers, building projects, we need to keep the customers point of view who will be using the product. 

owe much of my success to my supportive team members, whose guidance was invaluable throughout my journey. One significant takeaway for me has been asking the right questions—a skill often underestimated by developers.

 As I look back and connect the dots, every failure and success has led to the culmination of this one big milestone. I truly believe that earnest hard work coupled with the right mentorship can do wonders.

With the confidence gained from this achievement, I continue to work even harder and not take anything for granted, because it’s through multiple failures that this dream was realized.

 Thank you, Salesforce and Women in Big Data, for being integral parts of my empowering journey.