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Find Your Comfort Zone at Work

Women in Big Data

By Marina Alekseeva,

May 20, 2024

MA comfort zone

In March-April 2024, Marina Alekseeva once again conducted the “Find Your Comfort Zone at Work” program. The program attracted 189 interested women, out of which 119 were accepted for the classes.

The program consisted of five modules and two mastermind sessions. Throughout the program, participants developed their own life balance models, overcame internal limitations, gained confidence in their professionalism, and identified opportunities for personal and professional growth based on their unique priorities.

As in previous years, the program received numerous positive feedbacks. Here are a few of them:

“Thank you for such a great opportunity to learn more about myself and reassess my life. Every task in the workbook resonated with me 100%. Step by step, I came closer to understanding my personality and my needs.”

“Without a shred of flattery, I can say that every module and exercise has had a significant impact on my life and career. Thank you for your dedication and generosity in sharing your wealth of experience. Looking back, I realize how timely and valuable this work was for me.”

“I’m glad I joined at the onset of burnout, which I managed to catch early. It feels like I’ve completely changed my attitude towards work and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.”

In addition to the classes, the women actively communicated in the chat, sharing their thoughts and progress, and supporting each other.

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