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Creating a new WiBD chapter

Women in Big Data
Requirements for WiBD chapter


  • Access to WiBD general social media channels (website, twitter, linkedin group, facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Use of logo in the collaterals and local social media
  • Chapter lead engagement with the core team (google group, google doc, quarterly group meetings)
  • Chapter core team gain leadership experiences and networking

Chapter Initiation

  • Region lead meet with chapter director to describe R&R, gain commitment
  • Region lead identify a mentor / buddy to help the new chapter director to learn more about WiBD establishing a successful chapter
  • Mentor works with chapter lead to plan chapter launch (setting up the event, communication, post event blog)
  • Mentor walks the chapter lead through document with learnings for building a successful chapter and best practices (slides 3-5 of this document)
  • Expect one quarter of mentoring to help the chapter gets going
  • Chapter lead can continue contacting the mentor but after one quarter we expect chapter lead to work directly with the region lead (attending the meeting and active in the region)


  • Establish the chapter with minimum of two focus areas
    • Training
    • Mentoring
    • Networking
    • Awareness/Evangelism
  • Identify and engage with local core team members (does not have to be one person – one role match, one person may have several roles)
    • Chapter Lead
    • Focus area leads
  • Establish local goals, objectives and annual plan
    • Providing chapter data to global team
  • Collaborate and expand local partners
    • Start with minimum of 1 per year and expand
  • Conduct 1 event (networking, training and/or mentoring) per quarter (average)
  • Provide quarterly updates to the region lead / core team
  • Build pipeline of new leaders (to take over chapter leadership)

Women in Big Data
Getting Started – How to Create a
Successful WiBD Local Chapter


  • Use your network to find people in your company and other companies in your locale who are motivated to contribute to the WiBD program
  • Ask WiBD Management team (management@womeninbigdata.org) for more local contacts, for example send an email asking for sponsor contacts in your area.
  • Use your network and the core team to get contacts from sponsor and partner companies present in your locale (if any), invite them to collaborate.
  • You will need the following contact points (does not have to be one person – one role match, one person may have several roles)
    • Chapter Lead – yourself
    • Identify Focus Area Leads for at least two of the following areas:
      • Training
      • Mentoring
      • Awareness/Evangelism (social media)
      • Networking

The role of the Chapter Director is to grow the community, decide how to best serve the community and organize the chapter to best meet these goals.

Women in Big Data
Establish Local Goals,
Objectives Annual Plan

  • Meet together as a local chapter team and agree on what, why, how to establish the local WiBD community. For example, discuss the community needs and ideas of the group and agree on how to Is the focus on providing training?  Mentoring?  Social?  All of the above?
  • Build an execution plan as a team and communicate your goals and plans to the core team. For example, map out events by quarter and assigned event leads/organizers.
  • Establish a plan for local contact meetings – when and how will the local leads communicate and stay connected?
  • Define performance goals such as how many events, target audience and attendance, growth, event objectives.
  • Explore what large relevant industry events or conferences are being scheduled in your locale so that you can participate.
  • Reach out to local sponsor and partner contacts to engage if

Women in Big Data
Launch WiBD Kick Off Event At Your Locale

  • Plan and conduct a local face to face event to “kick off” WiBD in your community. The event could be a social meetup, local training, activity at regional event (ie breakfast, luncheon, presentation at industry event in your area).
  • The core team, the sponsors, and your peers in the region will feed you with additional information to help you get started with the kick-off
  • The first event should include an introduction of the program, introduction to WiBD and technical and/or motivational presentation to generate awareness and launch the network locally
  • Use your local team and the core team to find presenters for the program overview, tech and motivational speeches
  • Highly recommended to have a member of the regional core team or your new chapter mentor attend the kick-off meeting to provide onsite support

Women in Big Data
Keep Going – Execute Against Your Local Plan

  • Conduct additional events – training, social, mentoring, etc according to the needs of your community
  • Follow the roadmap and plans set by the local team – at least one event per quarter
  • Publish your roadmap of meetups and communicate to WiBD mgmt team to reflect on WiBD event site, make sure you keep it up-to-date and keep the regional team engaged as needed
  • Inform the core team if you need help – participate in the quarterly calls and reach out with questions and/or support as needed
  • Continue to promote WiBD through local events and social media, actively engage in the chapter lead meetings

Women in Big Data
Ideas for Successful WiBD Chapters

  • Check with the core team leads to see if their company can offer their premises for conducting an event- don’t always hold the events in the same place or with the same sponsors or partners
  • Engage with sponsors and/or local companies to fund catering and provide any other logistics support or that needs to be shared
  • A meetup is a purposeful meeting or gathering of the program participants. Usually face-to-face, but consider virtual events as well.
  • Look for local industry event organizers if there is an opportunity to conduct the WiBD gathering at the event. Ask the event organizers if you can have a meetup there or hang banners, etc. Make sure you keep the core team in the loop as they will assist you with finding the right event contacts and send the right message
  • Consider various topics for local events, depending on community needs:
    • Technical training (however, not promote a specific technical solution – we aren't a sales generating network)
    • Soft training
    • Interviewing techniques
    • Networking, mentoring
    • Contests and fun competitions

Track program success indicators

  • Make sure the core team meets and communicates regularly, providing feedback on what is working well and where there is room for improvement
  • After each event and activity write a blog post, capture and share videos of the event, promote on social media

Find potential instructors, new partners, keynote speakers, presenters to broaden your events, as relevant to the local community

  • Use your team and the core team network to identify experts in the field who can help support the chapter
  • Check with the extended team if any of trainings/instructors/experts from their chapter could be re-used in your locale. In return – offer your instructors and trainings to your peers
  • Establish contacts with instructors/presenters, or potential new partners, check their availability and plan accordingly
  • Connect with sponsoring organizations to find speakers, instructors and events in the local area
  • Align with local universities and/or organizations for ideas on presenter and instructors

When in doubt, ask the regional core team and WiBD mgmt team for help