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Hackathon Program

Women in Big Data Hackathon Program
Women in Big Data Hackathon Program

Women in Big Data partners with companies and subject matter experts to solve data related problems through hackathon participation.

WiBD creates Hackathon programs with a focus on our members and collaborators, aiming to foster technical expertise while solving complex data-driven challenges

WiBD Hackathon programs are open to WiBD members in partnership with the industry, startups, academia, Open source platforms and domain experts.

Women in Big Data Hackathon Program

Current program
Current program

Hackathon program first Cohort in 2024

Hackathon program first Cohort in 2024 under leadership of Rupa Gangatirkar.

  • When: April 9th to June 9th
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Where: Open source platform eg Kaggle, DrivenData or any other industry sponsored datathon/hackathon.
  • What – Participate in the WiDS (Women in Data Science) Datathon which is hosted on Kaggle. Cohort starts on April 9th – June 9th.
    • Interested WiBD chapters will form teams with leads/ambassadors and participate in WiDS’s Datathon  (https://www.widsworldwide.org/learn/datathon/)
    • Hosted on Kaggle – under WiBD’s Hackathon program.
    • One team per participating chapter must join the WiDS challenge on Kaggle. Each team will have a lead/technical mentor to guide the teams.

Reach out to hackathon@womeninbigdata.org with any questions. 

Example of the past programs
Example of the past programs

This program was sponsored by zbyte. Participants who completed the program by following the completion criteria of the program, received an award and participation credentials. In addition, zbyte offered one internship per Chapter, to be awarded following an interview process.

This program was specifically designed to advance Data Analysis, Big Data, Blockchain, Web3 application development using zbyte’s platform and technical leadership skills through collaborative team-based hackathon participation. WiBD participating chapters included WiBD Northwest chapter, WiBD India chapter and WiBD Costa Rica chapter.

Data Science Olympians (DSO) is a Technical Mentoring program through Data Science Competitions, offered by Women in Big Data’s Bay Area Chapter. In its third year of offering, this program is specifically designed to advance Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and technical leadership skills through collaborative data science contest participation.

Women in Big Data (WiBD) NW chapter, conducted the first ever Data Science Varsity (DSV) program in partnership with Oregon State University, University of Portland and supported by Intel Corp. WiBD NW aspires to engage with local educators, attract the new generation of talent to Data Science and technology fields and establish a deeper collaboration with industry partners through networking. The 3-month long Data Varsity program was designed to advance students in their technical acumen of data skills and leadership through a data challenge with 4 participating teams.

Women in Big Data Canberra Australia chapter held a Data challenge in partnership with the National Gallery of Australia. The challenge was “Using the National Gallery’s Collection API or the exported data set, tell us a new or interesting story about the works of art in the collection”.

Bentley’s User Experience Graduate Association partnered with Women In Big Data (WiBD) to host their annual design hackathon, an event where teams compete to propose innovative solutions conducive to combating prominent obstacles within modern society. The objective of this year’s hackathon was to eliminate bias while increasing diversity among the Big Data and technology community.


We welcome industry partners, companies of all size, academic institutes, training institutes, NGOs, consultants and industry experts to collaborate with WiBD to host a hackathon for their products, platform, research idea, real-world problem, volunteering, or just trying your hands at an idea from your scribbles – we welcome you to engage with us. For more information/questions/ideas, please reach out to hackathon@womeninbigdata.org

Please see Hackathon Program Details for registration details.

Reach out to hackathon@womeninbigdata.org with any questions.