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How to Be Promotable in Everything You Do

Women in Big Data

By Shala Arshi,

October 1, 2020


Women in Big Data hosted Alison Vorsatz, Senior Enterprise Director at Fairygodboss, the largest career community for women, to cover “How to be promotable in everything you do.” The live online event was held on September 23, 2020. We had a great number of attendees with a lot of interest in the topic.

Alison discussed how to advocate for yourself in the workplace. It’s more important than ever to think deliberately about how to advocate for yourself in a virtual working world. Alison discussed four key steps you can take to build your personal brand and relationships, and how to excel in your performance.

On seizing opportunities to shine, she discussed four key points:

  • Make your intentions known
  • Seek development opportunities
  • Solicit feedback, implement, provide proof
  • Activate your ambassadors

On the topic of developing your brand, she noted:

  • Understand your 360-degree feedback
  • Double down on your weaknesses
  • Know your unique value proposition
  • Re-evaluate, re-develop, repeat

On the topic of knowing the players, she advised:

  • Map and network spheres of influence
  • Build alliances with allies, sponsors and challengers
  • Identify promotion trends and your competition
  • Know how to elevate your manager

And lastly, on the topic of getting on the bench, Alison covered:

  • Internalize the culture required – perception is reality
  • Prioritize and communicate what is most important to you
  • Understand professional and personal motivations
  • Ask for a spot on the bench, then play to win

Alison closed the discussion with a brief  look at Fairy God Boss, the largest career community for women and free services being offered for women.

Link to the recording.

Link to the presentation.


About the Presenter

Alison Vorsatz is the Senior Enterprise Director at Fairygodboss. She empowers companies to promote their commitment to gender diversity, to transform their culture, to attract top female talent, and to move the dial in their diversity initiatives. Before Fairygodboss, Alison spent the majority of her career between the San Francisco Bay Area and Manhattan in the Fortune 15 tech world. In 2016 Alison left her career as a Managing Partner at Verizon Communications to develop and lead a female empowerment program across East and Southern Africa. While in Africa, she became a catalyst for breaking down barriers set by society, and discovered that empowering women to have the equality, success, independence, and fulfillment they deserved was her purpose. In addition to her dynamic professional life, Alison is an athlete who has represented the USA, a world traveler to over 75 countries, and an avid philanthropist. Alison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Fairygodboss is the largest career community for women. Their mission is to improve the workplace for women by increasing transparency, and they offer a ton of great free resources like anonymous company reviews, job listings, articles, virtual recruiting events, a community feed where you can get and give advice, webinars with various experts and more to help you succeed throughout your career. Get started with your free account today!

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