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Improve Lives with Purpose, Data and Innovation: WiBD in collaboration with SAP Business Women Network @SAP Munich

Women in Big Data

By WiBD Munich Chapter,

January 27, 2021

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Women in Big Data had collaborated with SAP Business Women Network at Munich before, hosting an event in their terrace in 2019. This time, all is different, but we wanted to keep the concept of sharing a drink in the audience and making them feel part of SAP Innovation Centre offices. SAP Business Women Network organised a very special event. We encouraged our participants in advance to have the ingredients ready for our new cocktail: the MimoSAP – chilled, fresh, orange, in alcoholic and non-alcoholic version.

Laryssa Fonzo, leader from SAP Business Women Network, and Nahia Orduna, from Women in Big Data Munich Chapter team, opened together the event. They were streaming live from SAP office, and the event was broadcast worldwide. Laryssa welcomed everyone and shared an introduction of the SAP Business Women Network. Nahia explained the vision of Women in Big Data. Then they both mixed a cocktail and had a virtual cheer with the audience.

The first speaker was Russ Laraway, Chief People Executive at SAP Qualtrics. He delivered a presentation about how to measure fairness, inclusion, respect, and equity (FIRE) 4x per year. The act of setting goals and measuring progress is the key idea that separates companies taking this seriously from those that aren’t.

Our second session had Anubhuti Shah, Solution Manager, Design to Operate at SAP, and Marcia Galeazzi, SAP Channel Management for SAP Digital Supply Chain as speakers. They explained how to deliver innovation During a Time of Crisis, with examples of how SAP has been creating a solution to improve the supply chain in today’s exceptional circumstances.

In the end, we had a contest with some questions for the audience, who won fantastic prizes, including a place in the “Shift your mind” Program – sponsored by Katharina Brass, from our Women in Big Data Munich Chapter; a CV review session from Astrid Neumann, also from our Women in Big Data Munich Chapter, and the book “Your Digital Reinvention” to help readers find new opportunities in digital workplace, from Nahia Orduna.

The event was possible thanks to the engagement of many people apart from the ones presenting, including Kendy Rannenberg from Women in Big Data team and  Rosemary Ismalou, Isabelle van de Merckt, Daniela Brummer, from SAP’s Business Women’s Network in Munich. A special thank you to Tina Rosario, CDO of SAP EMEA and President of Women in Big Data EMEA, who also helped to make this event happen.

The event was followed around the world, with over 120 attendees from Mombai, South Africa, Brazil, US and many different places in Europe.

The organisers.
The event was broadcast worldwide.