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International Women’s Day – Sri Ramaswamy

Women in Big Data

By Sri Ramaswamy,

March 24, 2021

Sri Ramaswamy

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Entrepreneur, Thought leader and Data expert. Big Data/AI Insurance Products specialist passionate about creating enterprise AI based solutions (generating ROI) leveraging domain expertise that changes insurance industry for the next generation. Have 18+ years of extensive experience in enterprise application architecture, enterprise s/w product development, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the Banking and Insurance industries. First to launch Insurance Industry’s very first pre-built, pre-trained Insights Engine leveraging unstructured data and documents. Launched “Quantum Connections” that provides High school to Undergrad, Grad and all an opportunity to work on real-life problems in STEAM. Quantum Connections connects Education to Real-Life applications.

I am Sri Ramaswamy, founder and CEO of Infinilytics. With over 19+ years in data and analytics experience in banking and insurance industries, I started Infinilytics , qn A.I. based insights engine for Insurance. Insights are the backbone for any business decision,  and we at Infinilytics created our patent-pending insurance insights engine. I am also a mother of a 12 yr-old, and I love hiking, yoga and very much love giving back to the community. Education has been an area I have been involved as a volunteer since my son started school. Today we provide internships to high school kids and above to bring together academic and work experience.

Career journey

I started my career in hotel management but after a year and a half working in the hotel industry, decided to change into sales. I worked for Samsumg in India and I was the first to launch microwaves in India leveraging context-based marketing. Showroom sales did really well, and the management team thought I should pursue a career in analytics. So, I left India to pursue my Masters in Australia. After completion, I stayed there to work in a bank. Since then I have worked in the data and analytics space for banking and insurance industries. When I launched two solutions for insurance leveraging advanced analytics, I discovered the opportunities around unstructured data analysis. Following that, I started Infinilytics about seven years ago as a consulting organization to help companies analyze unstructured data. During this time, we created a platform that could organize and analyze all kinds of data to produce meaningful insights. That’s how we created the insurance industry’s first pre-built and pre-trained Insights Engine.

What motivates me: Unused Data.

What bothers me: Inflexiblity and unadaptablity to change

Quotes or inspirations that I live by? My own – Learn as if there’s no tomorrow, connect with the universe and beyond and above everything be empathetic.

Message I’d like to share with an awesome community of 17000+ women worldwide: None of this is related, but different life lessons! If I can do it, anyone can. I did it because my mom (housewife) took good care of my needs and let me focus on my career without worrying about hers. Everything in life needs some sacrifices, so don’t underestimate anyone around you, respect everyone! Define success in your words, being a good human is far more important and do not measure success based on money and position. Be flexible and open to learning, as knowledge is worth more than the few extra dollars you can earn today.