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Interview with Swapnali Mane

Women in Big Data

By Deborah Sgro,

June 12, 2024

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Deborah Sgro, WiBD Mentoring Program Director, conducted an interview with wapnali Mane.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the role of mentorship has never been more crucial.  At the heart of successful mentoring programs are the connections forged between mentors and mentees.  I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Swapnali Mane, a dedicated mentor for Women in Big Data Emerging Technologist mentoring program, who has completed a transformative three-month engagement. I’m thrilled to share her inspiring story with you as we discussed the intricacies of mentorship.

(Deb) Swapnali, many thanks for sharing your story with us, and most importantly for your recent contribution as a mentor.  Let’s start with you telling us what motivated you to become a mentor, and why you chose to mentor with Women in Big Data Emerging Technologist mentoring program.

(Swapnali) –  Inspired by my mother’s dedication as a teacher, I’ve embraced mentorship. Starting as a Machine Room Instructor, I progressed to a Business Intelligence Consultant, mentoring many along the way. This passion led me to join the Women in Big Data Emerging Technologist mentoring program, aligning with my aim to promote diversity and empower women in tech. It’s a platform where I can contribute to aspiring professionals’ growth while honoring my mother’s legacy and enhancing my own professional journey.

(Deb) –  Kindly share a challenge you faced as a mentor, and how did you overcome it.

(Swapnali) – Facing a mentee struggling with analytics jargon and technological advancements, despite strong academic skills, was a challenge. I adapted by assessing her learning style, opting for interactive methods and real-world examples. Encouraging open communication and patience led to her improved understanding and confidence in applying analytics concepts. This reinforced the need for tailored mentoring and highlighted the value of patience and encouragement in the process.

(Deb) – Can you describe a particularly rewarding moment you experienced during your mentoring engagement?

(Swapnali) –   One of the most rewarding moments I experienced during my mentoring engagement was when my mentee confidently navigated through multiple internship offers and selected the one that best aligned with her skill set and career aspirations.

(Deb) – Finally, how has this mentoring experience influenced your own personal and professional growth?

(Swapnali) – This mentoring experience has reinforced the value of empathy, patience, and the transformative power of mentorship. It has enhanced my leadership and communication skills, as I tailored my approach to meet my mentee’s unique needs. Guiding someone through challenges deepened my understanding of the subject matter and broadened my perspective on learning styles. Overall, it’s been a rewarding journey that reaffirms my commitment to mentorship and continuous learning.

Swapnali’s journey underscores the power of guidance and support, reminding us all of the incredible difference one person can make in another’s career.  We thank Swapnali and all the mentors who participated in Women in Big Data’s February to May session for their invaluable contributions.

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