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Takeaways from “How to Build a Tech Career” event

Women in Big Data

By WiBD Team,

June 22, 2024


A Day of Empowerment and Insight: Women in Big Data Berlin Reunite

June 20th marked another inspiring gathering of women in big data here in Berlin. The event kicked off with a powerful welcome from Susan, highlighting the ongoing journey towards gender equality in tech with the current 22% representation of women in tech roles. It’s a reminder that our work is far from over.

The highlight of the day was a panel session led by Yulia, featuring an exceptional lineup of speakers:

Kendy Rannenberg , Business Development Manager EMEA
Beyzanur (Beyza) Ari , Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality Manager
Neil Metzler , Career Coach and Account Executive Manager
Martin Grund , Databricks Engineering Lead and Berlin Side Manager

Each speaker brought invaluable insights to the table, emphasizing the importance of diversity in our field. Neil and Beyza shared must-read resources on why diversity is crucial, while Kendy and Martin provided guidance on navigating communication in male-dominated areas.

For those looking to join an innovative team, Databricks has exciting open positions available. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary!

The event concluded with a fun quiz on women in big data Berlin, hosted by Katarzyna (Kasia) Stoltmann. Congratulations to Maria Beiner for winning and securing a mentoring session with Kendy!

A heartfelt thank you to all our speakers for sharing their wisdom and experiences. Your contributions are shaping the future of tech careers for women.

One of participants takeaways – Surbhi Ohri 

I had the opportunity to attend “How to develop a Successful career in Tech” Meet Up organized by #WomenInBigData & #Databricks. The event focused on connecting with a community of diverse women and allies of any gender, Mentoring, training and coaching, bringing together industry leaders, enthusiasts, and career coaches.

As someone passionate about Data, Technology and at the same time People Analytics I was particularly excited about how I can embark on the journey to success and I also hoped to network with fellow tech enthusiasts and gain insights into the latest industry trends.

✨ Kendy Rannenberg, Manager Business Development, Central & Eastern Europe, Databricks : She shared insights on importance of Talent Networking, Reaching out to people, Thinking of the Why, Cross-functional Mentorship Program, Setting the agenda and knowing that everyone is “Remarkable”.
She also mentioned how there has to be “a match” – two way sharing of ideas, knowledge gain and Reverse mentoring.

✨ Neil Metzler, Career Coach, Senior Account Executive (AWS) / DoIT: He shared how Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can play a major role in any organisation and why it should be followed. Quoting the Mc Kinsey report how 35% of companies who followed DEI were able to outperform their competitors. How Millennials are more engaged in DEI co’s etc. He emphasised how a well placed mentor is extremely important and how you can be a success story.

✨ Beyzanur (Beyza) Ari, Programm-Manager HR EMEA / AWS: She shared her experiences on transitioning from Data to People Analytics but still rooted in Data and demonstrated the transformative power of inclusive leadership in an organisation. She shared why “DEI” should be “IDE” because in order to completely incorporate any individual in an organisation, Inclusivity should be a priority. Accepting Input , derive Output, reach Outcome & make an Impact. Also emphasising on gaining knowledge in a room full of people but at the same time sharing your own as well.

Martin Grund, Engineering Lead / Site Lead for Berlin / Data Bricks: He shared that everyone looks at the solution, How about not looking at the solution and delving into the thought process of looking at a bigger picture of why this problem ? Also how Technical evaluations and Behavioural analysis in an Interview can differ across career stage. He has also mentored great talents across Databricks.

I must say the Meetup was a highly rewarding experience. Thanks to Yulia Tokareva for starting the panel discussion and in the end explaining her journey as an IT Project Manager, followed by (Kasia)‘s unexpected and wonderful game. The networking opportunities were fantastic, and I connected with several professionals who share my interests. I’m already looking forward to the next event and the opportunity to continue learning and networking with like-minded individuals.



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