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Kick start your tech career – interview with Victoria Riess

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 “This is our chance to solve this crisis by driving change across the corporate world”, Victoria Riess.

Victoria Riess, MBA has a track record as a women leader in tech and over twelve years of leadership experience in general management, digital strategy consulting and corporate strategy on digital transformation. Today she is a Senior Strategy Leader, Executive, Managing Director, Founder in Technology, Cambridge MBA and an award-winning Top Women Leader in Tech. She builds and leads C-level digital strategy consulting programs with global teams. Victoria has experience in business strategy, digital transformation, Cloud DevOps Engineering and data science.

Women in Big Data Berlin got a chance to have an insightful interview with Victoria.

– How did you start to work in the tech industry?

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in the tech industry, I was exposed to innovation and entrepreneurship from an early age. This is where my passion is: I am a coder at heart, Data Scientist by education and a certified Engineer in my free time. I started to work in tech as part of the leadership team at one of the leading worldwide transportation companies. I provided thought leadership for the CEO to develop his digital strategy and lead the group-wide digital transformation programs. I progressed in my career and became a certified Senior Strategy Advisor in Tech. I lead technology teams with a global remit, demonstrate empathetic leadership and transform my organizations into technology-led, data-driven firms. I developed into a known Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader and represented the sector on current and future state technology topics. I lead by example as Top Women Leader championing diversity and inclusion as the business baseline. I work to further the business’s and the world’s purpose for a healthier, greener, happier working environment.

– Can any woman work in that industry? Or does she need to have certain skills, the way of thinking?

Technology jobs will rise 13% from 2020 to 2030, which outpaces the average for all occupations. Demand is increasing due to growth in cloud computing, information security and data gathering and storage. But women make up only around 29% of the tech workforce, a steady increase from the past few years – 25% in 2018 and 26% in 2019. No matter where to start in technology, there are countless opportunities for career growth – specifically for women. Many jobs that once required college degrees are now open to anyone with the right experience. For these positions, all it takes to start is some experience, a portfolio, certificates, and a willingness to continue learning. So go for it!

– What inspires you every day to carry on doing what you do? What motivates you?

I thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments and believe in the ability of technology to change the world. My teams and I are ready to take on some of technology’s most significant challenges and make an impact on millions of users. My teams are changing the world one technological achievement after another. And I know that every team member has something important to say and that every member is integral to my success. So, I mentor and coach female and client teams through my ability to inspire and motivate the next generation of leaders. I use my skills beyond my career by serving on boards of other organizations and my involvement with furthering the interests of – specifically – women in the workplace. I make a significant impact by driving change across the tech industry. I continuously promote and inspire women leaders to reach their full potential through personal commitment, application, and dedication. I also champion diversity and inclusion in all I do.

– What would you advise yourself when you graduated school?

I would advise young women in this time of war, inflation, energy scarcity and climate change to seize the opportunity to do work that will determine the future of our world. Define your purpose and execute it! There’s a sense of joy if you have work that makes you feel as if it justifies pouring every ounce of energy into it. Most millennials see ‘improving society’ as the primary purpose of businesses. With the shortage of skilled labor, millennials and even younger generations will have a greater say in defining a company’s purpose, priorities and even the specifics of its business. So, this is our chance to solve this crisis by driving change across the corporate world. Take the opportunity to find out how you can make a distinct difference!

– Why is it important to have more women in the digital industry?

Women make up 50% of the world’s population. They account for 85% of all purchases and drive 70-80% of all consumer spending – more than half of most markets. But often, the tech industry fails to design technology for women. There are many examples of products that clearly don’t have women in mind, from smartwatches far larger than the diameter of an average woman’s wrist to pink house-cleaning robots. This comes at a high financial cost. So, product inclusion and equity by centering the most marginalized voices like women at every phase of product creation is critical to driving progress in the technology industry.

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