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Leadership Circles

Offered by the WiBD Global Executive Committee

General Description: Women in Big Data’s chapter leaders are the pillars of our organization. Their dedication and persistence in serving their communities have directly impacted lives and careers. To recognize and honor their leadership, the Global Executive Committee is offering the Leadership Circles program to support and enhance their continued growth.

Logistics: The program is virtual to accommodate a global cohort. The format will consist of 3 components:

  1. Reading: the program is based on the work of Ellen Snee, EdD as published in her book LEAD: How Women in Leadership Claim Their Authority. The ebook will be purchased for participants by Women in Big Data.
  2. Assemblies: these gatherings of the entire cohort will be used to kick off the program and explain how it all works. We will also gather in assemblies to hear fireside chats with people who we believe will be inspiring and insightful, such as executive coaches, business executives, community leaders, and other inspirational speakers. Assemblies will be scheduled as needed and based on availability of guest speakers, approximately 1 per month. The first fireside chat will feature Dr. Ellen Snee.
  3. Discussions: these small groups of approximately 5 people will be where dialogue and sharing takes place, using the topics from the book LEAD as a guide.
    1. The discussion groups will meet biweekly or monthly for an hour, for a minimum of 3 meetings and a maximum of 5.
    2. The initial Circles meeting will be facilitated by a WIBD leader. Subsequent meetings may be led by a rotation of the members of the group; train-the-trainer & guidelines to be provided.
    3. There may be short assignments in between meetings to prepare for sharing and dialogue in the next meeting.
    4. Meeting topics are prioritized by vote by the group from a list based on Dr. Snee’s book:
      • Relationships to Self, Others, and Systems
      • Authorize From the Inside Out
      • Executive Presence
      • Internal Resilience
      • Career Conversations
      • Manage Money with Authority
      • Expand Your Authority
      • Organizational Authority

Language and Time Zone: This program will be conducted in English, and will be scheduled to accommodate various time zones.

Program Offering: Tentatively starting in March 2022.

Mentee Eligibility: The Leadership Circles program is by invitation only for Women in Big Data regional and chapter directors and co-directors. Core team volunteers can be nominated by a regional or chapter director. A maximum of 100 participants will be selected for this program.

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