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Member Profile – Tina Tang

Women in Big Data

By Elizabeth Land,

January 18, 2016

Tina Tang

I sat down with Tina Tang, one of the founding members of Women in Big Data to get to know her better.

Q: How do you spend your days?

A: I am the Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at SAP. I focus on how to help chief data officers and other data executives successfully run digital transformation initiatives.

Q: What do you most enjoy about your role at SAP?

A: I’m very lucky to get to work with people who use data to make their part of the world better for all of us.

Q: Can you share any of your insights on the Big Data industry?

A: Big data is one of those opportunities that everyone can participate in and benefit from. Whether you are a person who is involved in creating data (data entry, social media, a scientist, a blogger), a knowledge worker who wrangles big data (an analyst, a developer, a data scientist), a laborer in an automated warehouse, farm, facility, or utility, or someone who is involved in selling, servicing, and installing big data solutions, you can be part of the big data phenomenon. It’s not just for technical people with advanced degrees.

Q: Are you involved with community or industry organizations?

Beyond my work helping found Women in Big Data, I also have leadership positions with several groups including MinnasList, an organization that seeks to realize women’s equal and substantive representation in national governments around the world. I am also Chair of MIT CDO Forum West where leaders come for bi-directional sharing and collaboration to accelerate identification and establishment of best practices in strategic data management. I also do career-oriented mentoring at a local high school in Redwood City, California. Bay Area members of Women in Big Data are invited to join me.

Q: What do you hope to experience from the Women in Big Data Forum?

A: I have enjoyed meeting women from different companies in the industry and going to different events. Its always nice to meet colleagues and be able to share experiences in a friendly supportive environment. I look forward to continue building a community of smart talented women who share an interest in Big Data.

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