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Mentor In Tech International

Offered by the WiBD EMEA Region

General Description This program offers mentoring services to help women gain new skills, get through transitions, prepare to find a job they want, and/or build an exciting career. Particular focus is given to the areas such as:

  • Career and Leadership
  • Technology Skills (Data Science, Quality Assurance, Analytics, etc.)
  • Startup Opportunities
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product and Program Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Business Analytics

Participants that successfully complete the program will be recognized with a certificate of accomplishment.

Logistics: This is a 12-week virtual program. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least three times for one-hour over the course of the program.

Language and Time Zone: This program allows mentees and mentors to match on language preference, and mentoring pairs can agree on the time of their meeting.

Program Offering We are currently accepting applications for this program and expect to launch two cohorts in 2022. Start dates of each cohort will be announced.

Mentee Eligibility: This program is open to members of any WiBD chapter with a strong motivation to grow professionally.

Mentor Eligibility: This program is open to members from any WiBD chapter, with 3+ years expertise in career development, leadership, technology skills, launching startup businesses, digital marketing, product and/or project management, UX/UI design, or business analytics.

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