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"There cannot be equity in society without equity in data collection, curation, and decisions."

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Mentoring Programs

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Emerging Technologists

The Emerging Technologist Mentoring Program provides skill and leadership opportunities for those engaged in the fields of data science, or any computing technology. Whether you are fresh out of school, pivoting from another field, or looking for career advancement within your field, this program pairs you with experienced mentors from a wide variety of technology backgrounds.


The Gayatri Mentoring Program India aims to guide and nurture future leaders in tech. The objective is to offer the right platform for mentoring aspiring women by associating them with current leaders in the tech field. This program pairs a mentee with a mentor to focus on career advancement or transitions.


The goal of the program is to support women who aspire to come back after taking a career break to manage other priorities.This program pairs a mentee with a mentor focusing on assisting women looking to restart a data related career.

Data Science Olympians

This program was specifically designed to advance technology skill development and technical leadership through data science contest participation, and is appropriate for any WiBD member whether you are a data science enthusiast, novice, beginner, expert, or domain/industry expert. If you have the interest to develop your skills through competition, you are welcomed.

Getting From Here to There

This mentoring program uses the facilitated peer mentoring format, where participants share their experiences and goals to learn from each other under the direction of two experienced facilitators. Participants will learn the techniques for creating and executing a skills based action plan for job-seeking or career advancement. Participants will work individually, in accountability pairs, small groups and with the entire cohort to create a strategy.

Mentor In Tech International

This program offers mentoring services to help women gain new skills, get through transitions, prepare to find a job they want, and/or build an exciting career. Particular focus is given to the areas such as:

  • Career and Leadership
  • Technology Skills (Data Science, Quality Assurance, Analytics, etc.)
  • Startup Opportunities
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product and Program Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Business Analytics

Toronto Mentoring

This program is to support the skill development, personal and professional growth of WiBD Toronto members and any member of WiBD from Canada through networking and knowledge sharing. The program is designed to meet career advancement and skill development goals; provide an opportunity for senior leaders to volunteer and contribute in a direct and highly rewarding way; and to cultivate future leaders and mentors within the WiBD Toronto Chapter