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Mentoring is a foundational
pillar of WiBD

The founders determined that mentoring is essential to the success at every stage of a women’s career, both as mentee and as mentor. WiBD mentoring programs are open to WiBD members.

Not yet a member of WiBD? No worries. By joining a mentoring program you agree to become a member of WiBD. Both membership and mentoring are free of charge.

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The WiBD Global Mentoring Initiative was designed with you, the mentors and mentees, in mind by supporting your efforts with quality mentoring software, materials, and Mentor Program Owners to assist throughout your entire participation.

Find the program that’s right for you.

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Whether you’d like to participate as a mentee, a mentor, or both, we’re ready to get you going.

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Data Science Olympians

General Description: This program is specifically designed to advance Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and technical leadership skills through collaborative data science contest participation. Participants will join one of many possible teams as either a team member or a team coordinator, and will work collectively under the guidance of a data science professional to complete a specific data science challenge. This program is appropriate for any Women in Big Data member residing in the United States and who possesses skills in basic programming (any language).

Data Science Varsity

General Description: This program was specifically designed to advance technology skill development and technical leadership through data science contest participation for students at University of Portland or Oregon State.

Emerging Technologists

General Description: The Emerging Technologists mentoring program provides skill and leadership opportunities for those with less than 2 years professional technology experience. Whether you are fresh out of school, pivoting from another field, or looking for career advancement within your field, this program allows you to select a mentor from a wide variety of technology backgrounds.


General Description: The Gayatri Mentoring Program India aims to guide and nurture future leaders in tech. The objective is to offer the right platform for mentoring aspiring women by associating them with current leaders in the tech field. This program pairs a mentee with a mentor to focus on career advancement or transitions.

Getting From Here to There

General Description: This mentoring program is designed for participants with 10+ years of technology experience, who already manage technology teams/projects and aspire to technical management positions. Participants will develop a “skills based” action plan for career advancement into departmental, divisional or executive level technical leadership positions.

Let’s Talk Career Advancement

General Description: This self-directed peer group mentoring program is designed to provide mid and senior level technologists with a supportive community for ongoing professional and personal growth.   Participants practice both sides of a mentoring relationship, being mentee and mentor for each other, allowing each participant to provide and receive essential career support and advice.

Mentor In Tech International

General Description: This program provides mentoring services to help women gain new skills, navigate transitions, and/or advance an existing technology career. Particular focus is given to areas such as: Data Science and Analytics, Business Analytics, Career Development, Leadership and Management, Product Management, Project Management.


General Description: The goal of the program is to support women who aspire to come back after taking a career break to manage other priorities. This program pairs a mentee with a mentor focusing on assisting women looking to restart a data related career.

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