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Must Know Topics for Entrepreneurs: Thursdays- 9/3/20- 11/5/20 at Noon, PST

Shuchi Rana, Co-Director Women in Big Data Silicon Valley Chapter.


On September 10, 2020, Women in Big Data hosted a product workshop with Jessica Sarceda , as a part of our Entrepreneur series. Jessica is a Product Director with Paradox where she manages several key projects and Enterprise client engagements. She has worked with multiple startups and a mentor to college students and young females looking to begin a career in tech.

In her talk Jessica focused on what product management is and what the role of a product manager entails. She spoke about how to think like a PM regardless of your age or role and how that would assist you in some way throughout your career. She got into the details of how to build user-centric products with a human centered design thinking mindset.

A few important topics covered during the conversation were:
● Various elements of product management
● Common product roles
● How to think like a PM
● Common traits of a Product Manager
● Building user-centric products
● Product development process
● Concept of Design Thinking
● Design thinking exercise


See this link for Jessica’s presentation.

I would highly encourage you to watch Jessica’s talk !

Thank you for your time, Jessica!


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