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Women in Big Data

By Shuchi Rana,

October 20, 2020

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On October 1, 2020, Women in Big Data hosted a marketing workshop with Maneeza Aminy, as a part of our Entrepreneur series. Maneeza is the CEO of Marvel Marketers, a global digital marketing agency. Maneeza is an award-winning Revenue Performance Management and Marketing Automation Expert.

Marketing is engaging and setting credibility and managing how people experience your brand. In order to have a brand, you need to engage. Digital will be the biggest channel and opportunity to engage. Make sure to leverage the tools in front of you.

All marketing that happens in your company will line up behind the vision, whether you like it or not. Take the time to write your vision down. As the organization grows people will defer to the vision as they are writing content, talking to prospects or potential partners.

Why Should you Care About Marketing

70-90% of buying and selling happens before your buyer is in front of you. If you are not participating in the conversations via digital channels, someone else is and it is a lost opportunity.

  • If your marketing engine works, fewer costs will be incurred in other functions like Sales.
  • Marketing works – ask yourselves how many times have you bought something off of an ad.

Caring about Marketing is good for business, don’t treat it as something optional. There is a direct impact and ROI!

Dominant forms of Marketing: Four Marketing strategies

  • Traditional Demand Generation
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Brand-Based Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing


Top Six Expert Tips:

  1. Value Marketing as much as outbound Sales.
  2. Marketing makes sense even when you don’t have to do it. It supports:
    • Hiring and recruitment
    • Supply shocks
    • Customer growth
    • Partnership and new opportunities
    • Brand-based orgs
  3. Labor Market Skill GAPS will make or break your business, hire for past success not future aspirations.
  4. Stick to your values.
  5. Marketing is the main tool you have to decide how your audiences (internal +external) experience your brand and product.
  6. EVERYONE is a Marketer, make sure you have the right people around you.

Click this link for Maneeza’s presentation.

I would highly encourage you to watch Maneeza’s talk!

Thank you for your time. Maneeza!

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