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Must Know Topics for Entrepreneurs: Thursdays – Luca Penati – 9/3/20-11/5/20 at Noon, PST

Women in Big Data

By Regina Karson,

February 17, 2021



On October 15, 2020, Women in Big Data hosted a workshop on Brand Narrative with Luca Penati, Chief Advisor and Founder Penati and Partners  and host, Shuchi Rana, Co-Director Women in Big Data Silicon Valley Chapter.

Luca answered how does one stand out and stay relevant amongst:

  • 5,787 tweets per second
  • 500+ hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day 63,000 Google search queries per second

A brand narrative is a story a company tells to express its identity, its reason to exist, while providing human and business context. Clear narratives are a strategic story.

Luca walked us through the process to develop said brand narratives.

Brand is the foundation to building a complete communications plan:

View Luca’s presentation.

See Luca’s talk.


Thank you, Luca!

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