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Positive Intelligence – 9 Ways We Self Sabotage

Women in Big Data

By Elizabeth Imm,

April 14, 2022


Did you know that only 20% of teams and individuals achieve their true potential? Why do you think this is true?  Every human being experiences inner conflict.  A push and pull of emotional energy that impacts our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, decisions, personal and professional relationships, and our health and well-being.  Research has shown that there are basically 10 different ways that we sabotage ourselves on any given day.  To manage and win over our inner conflict we need stronger mental muscle to pivot more easily from sabotage to self-fulfillment.

The brainchild of Shirzad Chamine, Positive Intelligence is an incredibly simple operating system and synthesis of four major areas of science that helps individuals master their agents of sabotage and move from survive to thrive.  As a Positive Intelligence coach, Kara Lund introduced us to the three mental muscles needed to reach peak performance, significantly improve personal and professional relationships, and bring balance to our health and wellbeing.  What follows is a six-week program built for busy professionals to apply the principals of Positive Intelligence and bring us closer to our own true potential.

Emotions and attitudes are contagious.  To shift the trajectory of ourselves, teams, communities, organizational culture, and our world in a direction that is positive, empathic, creative, inclusive, innovative and growth oriented, we must look first at improving our own contribution.  How do we manage ourselves and where do we lean on the positivity scale?  The bottom line is that we all count, we all matter, we all contribute systemically.

Kara Lund generously offered us the beginning step by bringing our awareness to this important work. If you are interested in learning more, you can take a look at the website, take the free quiz to identify your saboteurs or get in touch with Kara Lund (kara@karalund.com) directly.


Women in Big Data Paris held a session with Kara Lund. Get the recording of the session.