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"There cannot be equity in society without equity in data collection, curation, and decisions."

Women in Big Data Founders
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Previous Courses of the Month

January 2017 - Introduction to Big Data
Description: Excellent introduction to the world of Big Data and its history
Cost: Free
Duration (Approx): 60 – 90 minutes

February 2017 - Learn Python the Hard Way
Description: Gentle introduction to Python for the complete novice
Cost: Free
Duration (Approx): 2 weeks

March 2017 - Intro to Python for Data Science
Description: Python basics, lists, functions and Numpy
Cost: Free
Duration (Approx): 4 hours

April 2017 - Intro to Data Analysis 
Description: Using Pandas and Numpy in Python for analysis
Cost: Free
Duration (Approx): 6 weeks

May 2017 - Apache Hadoop Essentials
Description: Introduction to basics of Apache Hadoop and HDFS.
Cost: Free
Duration (Approx): 2 hours

June 2017 - Apache Spark Essentials
Description: Introduction to Spark
Cost: Free
Duration (Approx): 2 hours

July 2017 -  Data Science and Machine Learning with Python
Description: Comprehensive Data Mining and Machine Learning Course
Cost: See website
Duration (Approx): 2 weeks

August 2017 -  Machine Learning by Andrew Ng
Description: Classic Course for Machine Learning
Cost: See website
Duration (Approx): 11 weeks

September 2017 -  Interactive Intro to R Programming Language
Description: Introduction to R
Cost: See website
Duration (Approx): 4 hours

October 2017 -  Tableau for Data science
Description: Tableau for Data science
Cost: See website
Duration (Approx): 1 week

November 2017 -  Visualization and exploratory work in R
Description: Visualization and exploratory work in R
Cost: See website
Duration (Approx): 1 week

December 2017 -  Kaggle Python Tutorial
Description: Tutorial into doing a Kaggle competition
Cost: See website
Duration (Approx): 1 week