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Python-AI-ML Workshop

Women in Big Data

By Mrinalini Singh Thakur,

January 24, 2023

Python-AI-ML workshop pic

Women in Big Data Northwest chapter hosted a Python-AI-ML workshop, this Data Science hands-on workshop focused on Data Science Life Cycle concepts, Python, and AI/ML technical skills. Participants gained and were empowered with Data Science technical skills with hands-on training in Python, data acquisition and understanding, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence modeling, usage examples, and take-home pointers.


Speakers Bio:

John Westlund is a Data Center Performance Architect in Intel’s Cloud and Enterprise Solutions Group. He has a rich background, with 18 years of experience, in a wide range of environments, from Government to Cloud, and a deep understanding of workloads ranging from High-Performance Computing to Artificial Intelligence. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Computer Science and Philosophy. John takes pride in his ability to explain complex topics in an approachable and accessible way.

Michael Collins is a Senior Staff Engineer at Intel Corporation inside the Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group. With 22 years of industry experience, he has held various roles in systems validation, large-scale graphics test automation, and graphics driver development, including Intel’s new ARC family graphics cards. His current role involves developing and testing pre-silicon HW models for future graphics products. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of California at Davis and teaches practical Python courses across Intel.


We understand not everybody could attend the workshop and to overcome this problem we put together instructions we used during our workshop which can help anybody navigate setting up the system to catch up on the workshop. We have also included the video recordings from our hand-on experience for anybody to take a look at and practice the lessons at any time.

Link to the video recording for AI ML workshop.  Also, link to the video recording for the Python workshop.


Workshop Instructions

  • Intel Developer Cloud

Register for an account using your email address @ https://devcloud.intel.com/oneapi/get_started/

  • Access Jupyter Hub within your Intel DevCloud Account


  • Launch Terminal on the top right corner:






      You should be able to see a new folder in your Left Panel named: WiBD-AIMLWorkshop2022.

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